Thursday, February 27, 2014

a downstairs photo bomb

i have been promising an update on our house for a while now so i thought i would deliver {at least halfway} today. the upstairs is still hugely unfinished as far as decorating so i will post that at a later date. but for today you have the downstairs :)
walking into the house you walk through a small entry that just holds a closet .. our dog kennels .. and some counter space with cabinets above
from there you walk through the dining area into the kitchen
we mounted this humdingers sign on a sliding door and behind it is our laundry room
walking from the kitchen you again pass through the dining area {thank you captain obvious ha!} and head into the living room
don't be alarmed .. we just really love color and pattern :)
this is the nursery and i am very proud of the fact that my mom dad RT and i made these curtains. we just taped stripes off on drop cloth from the hardware store and painted them black. then my dad built wood valances and we stapled the triangle cute peices to that and voila .. diy at its finest :)
we still have to get a changing table and unpack the boxes that are hiding in the closet in the nursery but other than that we are ready to bring home baby girl!!
this bathroom was existing
we just updated the hardware and put in new lighting a new mirror and fresh paint
these are the doors leading into our master closet which is also the hallway into our bedroom
the door leading into our master bathroom matches except it is a single standard sized door instead of the smaller french doors
this is our closet .. in the cabinetry on the left we have folded clothes and shoes and behind the mirrored doors on the right is all of our hanging clothes
at the end closest to bedroom on the left is my vanity but i am still waiting on lighting and a mirror for that space so i didnt picture it :)
please excuse the piles on the chaise at the end of the bed but we are leaving town today and that is all our stuff {ha!}
and last but not least .. our master bath .. which i am obsessed with .. i mean i am obsessed with the whole house but i feel like we did a great job making a smallish space into a really great master bath
the space is long and skinny so walking in you have the counter with double sinks on the right leading toward the bath/shower area that is all enclosed together with shower heads on either wall
we are loving every second of living in the new house!!
happy thursday!!


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