Monday, January 20, 2014

the most perfect baby girl you have ever seen

i have a confession to make .. i have seen this kind of picture posted by pregnant women that i am friends with on facebook and i always thought they were kinda creepy. i mean yea i realized it was cool that you can see the baby 3D and all of that but they look all lumpy and the color is weird and i would just get a little gweebed out by it .. until it was mine

over the weekend RT and i travelled to meet B for the very first time

we were supposed to fly out on thursday night at 6:50 but our plane kept getting more and more delayed so we didnt actually arrive at our hotel until after 1am. we were super tired but still really excited about what was in store

on friday morning we had a meeting with the attorney and the case worker that are working with us and with B through this adoption. we went over all of the legal stuff together and then B and her mom came and we all had lunch together

i can't even describe the feeling of seeing her in person for the first time

finally getting to hug her 
finally getting to talk to her face to face
finally getting see her perfect little baby bump
finally getting to look her in the eyes and tell her how much we love her and her baby 


after lunch we went to the place where they do the 4D sonograms and for the most beautiful half hour of my life i sat on a couch holding RT's hand watching our perfect little daughter on the screen
we could see her heart beating
we could see her little lips .. nose .. eyes .. cheeks .. ears .. hands .. feet .. legs .. arms .. every tiny bit of her .. we could see it clear as day

and it wasnt gweeby at all
it was awesome!!

our baby girl is so friggin beautiful i cant even believe it
and i have a video of the whole thing so i can watch it over and over and over again

after the sonogram we made breakfast plans for the following morning and then parted ways 
RT and i spent the rest of the day talking about B and just how right this all feels
i know that is easy to say .. and things could still turn around .. but for some reason we both have a sense of total peace .. B is our birth momma and her baby girl is going to be ours too .. i am just sure of it :)

saturday morning our case worker picked us up and we met B and her 3yr old daughter for breakfast. i sat in a booth next to her little girl and she was precious. so talkative and absolutely hilarious. we colored together {trying hard not to scribble scrabble .. she said that is no good} and played games on my phone and shared our food. it was really special to get to have that time with her. we were so grateful to B for allowing us the opportunity to meet both her mom and her daughter

after breakfast we took some pictures .. hugged them tight .. and said our goodbyes

it was everything i could have hoped for :)

happy monday!!

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