Monday, January 6, 2014

it's my northday and i will post old pictures if i want to

Zoey in the ultimate photo bomber {ha!}
sweater: joie
skirt: parker
shoes: steve madden
so clearly these pictures are not from today considering the long hair but i get a pass because it's my birthday .. or at least that is what i'm telling myself {ha!}

today i turn twenty seven and usually i would say something cliche like .. i can't beleive i am 27! or .. omg i am getting so old! or something like that

and it's not that i don't have moments where those statements are accurate but the truth is .. i feel older than i did on this day last year
and not in a bad way but just in the fact that i have lived a lot of life in the last year
we are well along on the path to having a baby and that makes me feel older
we are so close to moving into the house that we have remodelled hoping we can stay there long term and raise our family there and that makes me feel older

writing that makes me feel kind of dumb but it is the truth

so in answer to RTs question this morning does it feel like your birthday .. the answer is yes! and i am excited about it :)

happy monday!!

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