Tuesday, January 21, 2014

real mom

throwback to august 2012
it is interesting how things change .. in august of 2012 RT and i started trying to get pregnant and at the time i was possessed by it .. i wanted to be pregnant more than anything .. and then in october of that same year we were given the news that we have a 0% chance of becoming pregnant on our own .. so a little part of our dream died but a new hope bloomed in its place .. ivf wasnt how we originally thought we would start and grow our family but we were confident that it would work and i would still get to carry our babies .. we started our first round in january 2013 and got the news that it was a failed attempt in april .. we started our second round in may and got the news that i still wasnt pregnant at the end of june .. another part of our dream died .. but again a new hope bloomed in its place .. a hope in the adoption process

when this whole journey started i was eager to be pregnant
i wanted to go through the nine months and watch and feel the baby grow
but that wasnt in the plan 
at least not yet

and you know what .. i am ok with that .. it doesnt even make me sad .. it is just how it is for us and either way we are going to be parents and that is the point .. so instead we get to celebrate with B and watch her baby grow and talk with her about how it feels .. and really that is awesome too

but even though i am at peace with not carrying our children in my body .. there is still fear

last week i was talking with a woman and she asked me if RT and i have any children. i explained to her that we are adopting and are matched with a mom who is due in april. she proceeded to tell  me that i need to wait to tell our daughter that she is adopted until she is at least in high school because we need to be sure that she grows up thinking that we are her parents

i disagree .. we will tell our daughter her adoption story from birth. she will always know. we will tell her about B and what an incredible blessing she is to RT and i and we will explain that B is the bravest, most selfless, most loving person we have ever known. we will enforce that B made an adoption plan because she loves her baby so much
we will tell her that she has a sister and we hope to continue to have contact with B for the rest of our lives. but someday our little girl is going to realize what that all means. she will always hear it but some day when she is not very big she will truly understand. and she might just say the words .. you're not my real mommy

that thought is terrifying

but regardless of if she is biologically related to us 
or grew in my belly or someone else's
regardless of if we have the same color skin
or any features alike at all
i will still be her real mommy

and that little girl will be double lucky because she will have two real mommies
one who gets to squeeze her tight every single day of her life .. gets to read her bed time stories and play hide and go seek .. one who will wake in the night with her when she is tiny and new .. who gets to be her mommy twenty four seven
and one who will love her from afar .. thinking of her everyday .. one who carried her for nine months and kept her safe and healthy .. one who put her first above everything else 

biology doesnt create real families .. relationships do 

happy tuesday!!

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