Wednesday, December 4, 2013

the end of an m story

bottoms:citizens of humanity
shoes:jeffrey campbell
earrings:loren hope
or at least i hope it's the end ..

on monday RT called the agency that m was working with to talk to them about getting our money back. we are continuing on in our adoption journey and want to be ready to fully commit if we get picked by a birth mom

the people at this agency have been great and have continued to keep us updated on developing information that pertains to our story ..

on monday the guy at the agency received the proof from the clinic that m was going to that she was never pregnant .. NEVER PREGNANT!!

it boils my blood
makes me want to scream
makes me want to hate
infuriates me to no end

she was playing us the entire time .. making up this insanely elaborate and detailed lie for who knows what .. attention?!?
they received proof that the appointments that she was taken to by our case worker were for a variety of different things such as general pelvic pain and blah blah blah .. basically she made up reasons to make appointments because her adoption case worker intended to take her to her 'prenatal' appointments

it literally makese sick to my stomach that i ever had contact with such a twisted and devious person

at this point i can only hope that we never hear from her or about her ever again
i can only hope that in some way she is held accountable for her actions
i am so ready to stop being controlled emotionally but this poisonous human being
i don't want to think of her or the pain she has caused us anymore

so hopefully this is that last you will hear of her too :)

happy wednesday!!

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