Thursday, December 19, 2013

idea from another

top: patterson j kincaid
jacket: mavi
pants: parker
shoes: jeffrey campbell
making .. cinnamon rolls .. and not just any cinnamon rolls .. pioneer woman cinnamon rolls .. they are heaven on earth and if i died eating them i would die happy .. just sayin

cooking .. nothing .. that is actually a part of living with my parents that has been a little bit sad .. i love to cook but having an hour commute puts me getting home too late to cook a good dinner .. so my mom cooks which isn't at all bad because she rocks at it but i am looking forward to winding down from a work day in my kitchen when we move back home

drinking .. water because i'm boring like that

reading .. betrayal in death by jd robb .. it is the twelfth in her in death series and they are mega goodness {and just to front out my own dorkiness .. i am actually listening to it because i would rather listen to a book that the radio when i'm driving}

wanting .. a baby .. COME ON APRIL!!

looking .. forward to Christmas and spending it with family

playing .. hay day ..obsessively .. and i'm not even sorry

wasting .. disposable gloves because i am a wimp about getting my hands dirty

sewing .. stockings because well it's that time of year

wishing .. it was april already

enjoying .. puppy snuggles from the bitty .. she really is the best at them

waiting .. for april {are you noticing a theme here??}

liking .. the deliciousness that is a cheddar and caramel mix of popcorn .. i mean seriously .. yum!!

wondering .. if our house will be ready on time .. if so we will move on jan.5 .. woohoo!

loving .. all of the Christmas lights and decorations

hoping .. for a happy ending to this crazy i word story

marveling .. at the fact that i have survived this year .. not sad to see it go {ha!}

needing .. hand lotion .. winter i love you but you wreak a serious dry skin havoc

smelling .. new leather from the handbags we just got in at the hoop

wearing .. a pjk owl tee .. an acid washed jean jacket .. silk parker pants .. and grey litas

following .. adoption stories by the truck load and loving every second of it .. realizing this community of people is the bomb

noticing .. that i barely ever wear my hair down anymore .. yet another reason for a change

knowing .. i am not in control and that i don't want to be

thinking .. constantly about B {our birth mom}

feeling .. too many things to express

bookmarking .. shoes .. go figure .. and knobs for cabinets too :)

opening .. the bag of popcorn .. again

giggling .. at my mom because she is a dang funny lady .. especially when she texts

i got this idea from the daybook blog and if you haven't read her blog you really should

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