Tuesday, November 12, 2013


this past weekend was a long one to say the least .. i will start at the beginning ..

thursday night as i was pulling into the driveway after work i got a call from our case worker at the adoption agency. she said that she was with M and that she was having very strong very severe contractions and that she thought it would be a good idea for us to go ahead and come because the baby would most likely be born really soon. i ran into the house and told RT and we got on the road. we stopped on the way to leave Layla with some friends {big thanks to the carruthers!!} and hauled booty to M. we called/texted all of our family and friends and spent the entire car ride jabbering in excitement about getting to meet our baby girl!! we had been waiting for this moment for so long and it was finally here

we got to M's apartment that night at about eleven and she was indeed having regular painful contractions. we were timing them at between ten and fifteen minutes apart and her doctor told her to wait to come to the hospital until they were regularly about six minutes apart. at two thirty am they were not coming any closer together so we left her place and went to crash at a friend's house

my girlfriend mazie was such a life saver this weekend!! she basically let us come and go from her house to crash for a couple of hours and shower then leave again all weekend long. it was so amazing to have a place to go!! good friends are the best in the world!! thank you mazie!!

friday we got up and took breakfast to M and stayed with her all day. contractions clocking in consistently at ten minutes apart. we left and had dinner with my parents and then went back to check on her after. we didn't stay too long that night because we were so tired from the night before

saturday we woke up and had breakfast with mazie and her boyfriend curtis and then got ready for the day. we picked M up and took her to lunch and afterward the three of us went on a long walk because her doctor had told her to get up and moving. we took her home and met up with my parents, siblings, aunt, uncle, and cousins for dinner. when we returned to M's apartment to check on her that night the contractions seemed to have gotten much worse .. this is it we thought .. i layed with her timing her contractions at ten minutes apart until four in the morning

sunday we got to mazie's at about eight am to nap for a while. we left there at around noon and had lunch with my parents .. by then my siblings had to head back home because they had to relieve the babysitters who were keeping their kids. I was so grateful to have the support of family this weekend. they were a much needed refuge from all of the emotions and drama that we were going through. we went to check on M and she was still doing the same but we couldn't stay long because her parents were coming to swap out some furniture for her

all weekend long we had really been encouraging her to go to the hospital to get checked out just so that we could know everything was ok but she was extremely reluctant. she finally agreed to go late sunday night. by then RT and my dad had come home so that RT could go to work monday but my mom and i were still in town waiting to hear from M

basically she is actually in labor .. these are not braxton hicks .. but she is just progressing very very slow. it is what is called prodromal labor. so she is just suffering through the contractions waiting for the progression to get to the point that they will admit her and she can have our daughter. she and the baby are doing fine other than the fact that she is in quite a bit of pain

the weekend was long and emotionally and physically exhausting but our baby will be here soon and being able to be there with M to show our support was a really good thing

any and all prayers for M and TP would be greatly appreciated!!

happy tuesday!!

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