Tuesday, April 16, 2013

two posts in one

woowee!! this past weekend was a really big one for us

these are my children!!

we got our babies on saturday morning!! i don't even know how to try and explain how that felt and continues to feel. going in and seeing our little tinies on the screen as the embryologist sucked them up into the catheter .. I couldn't not cry. I just lay there and cried the happiest tears while i held my sweet husband's hand .. we were getting our babies. finally .. after all of this craziness


so now we wait for a week before we go in for our first of three pregnancy tests. I have been telling my babies in my tummy to burrow in and get comfortable {THIS IS YOUR MOTHER SPEAKING!!}. I have been praying my heart out for GOD to give our babies life. to give us a chance to love them and snuggle them and teach them and learn from them

impatiently waiting for monday!!

we spent all of last week packing every single thing we own because we moved out to my parent's house over the weekend. sunday was our first night in our new diggs and it has been really great

on sunday .. RT and i got up early and he packed up both of our cars. we drove out to the lake and RT unloaded everything {he wanted me to rest :)}. then I drove him back into town where he loaded up the last few things and I went back to our new home while he finished up everything that was left to do at our house. then he rode his motorcycle out

my mom was a huge help!! she didn't let me do anything .. she literally kept scolding me to sit/lay back down {ha!}. while she unpacked everything. she told me over and over that we brought way too much stuff.

you have too many shoes
you have too many clothes
you have too many socks
he has too many shoes

but you know what .. aside from some clothes and shoes in the closet at their house .. everything fits quite nicely. and we are going to be there for a pretty long time so it just didn't make sense to leave any clothes and/or shoes behind

it just didn't

happy tuesday!!

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