Monday, April 8, 2013

curly hair don't care

top: joie
pants: rich + skinny
shoes: jeffrey campbell

hello there :)
i hope you all had a lovely weekend!!

there is something about pattern mixing with black and white patterns that i love love love! the stark contrast of the colors combined with my uncontrollable urge to mix patterns of any kind seems like such an obvious choice in my brain {ha!} 

the fit of these skinnies is to absolute die for and the pattern is actually a set of bird talons mirrored .. ah!maze!ing! and don't even get me started on this top .. i bought it at the hoop the very first season i worked here {five and a half years ago!!} and it continues to be one of my favorites

i always tell RT how much i believe in investing in good quality clothes. i feel like clothes perfectly follow the saying you get what you pay for. i mean i bought this shirt forever ago .. have worn it so many times i can't even count that high and it still looks like new :) now don't get me wrong .. i love a bargain just like anyone else and i have plenty of pieces from lower end designers but i have no qualms shelling out a little extra dough to get the higher quality stuff. after all .. clothes is what i do right?!

and just in case you were wondering .. i started progesterone shots last night and they are not exactly my favorite {ha!} these shots go in my rear {lovely i know} and the needle has to be long enough and big enough around to inject the medication into my muscle. the nurse actually called it the meatiest part of my butt .. no shortage there {ha!} 
i am not kidding you guys that needle is like t        h        i        s        l        o        n        g!!! 
and you all know by now how much i just love shots .. needless to say i had an all out kiniption. i was sobbing to the point of not being able to breath correctly and saying over and over i'm too scared i can't do this. to which RT responded .. then let's just not .. let's tell them you just can't do this shot. he is so sweet :) he hates that i have to go through all of these shots but we have to do what we have to do so .. we numbed it with some orajel and iced it until my whole cheek was bright red and had exactly zero feeling what so ever and in the needle went. i honestly didn't feel it at all .. i know i know a lot of drama for nothing .. but hey that's just how i roll :) today it's a little bit uncomfortable but nothing i can't handle

it is just one more step toward getting our baby and at this point i am willing to do pretty much anything {ha!}

saturday is our transfer day and we adamantly asked if there would be any reason at all that the transfer wouldn't happen on that day .. we didn't want to be blind sided again. our nurse assured us over and over that no matter what saturday will be our day

so the official countdown to transfer begins ..
4.5 days .. 108 hours .. 6,480 minutes .. until we get our babies!!

happy monday!!

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