Friday, September 28, 2012

a day

yesterday RT and i had the day off together. you all know how much i love days like that :)

we got up and went out to our favorite diner for breakfast .. ran a few errands .. did some shopping .. had lunch sitting outside .. went to a matinee movie .. had a little down time at home with the d.o.g.s .. met my sister and brother in law and some friends at the food truck park for dinner .. and saw les miserable.
what more could a girl ask for in a day spent with her husband??

the only thing was that i am a musical theater lover in a big way but i wasn't all that impressed with les miserable. i have never seen it before last night and i have to hand it to the cast the singing was phenomenal but the play itself was not. clearly that is just my opinion. i know there are many many fans out there i just don't happen to be one of them.

happy weekend!!

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