Wednesday, September 19, 2012

why i blog

a couple of weeks ago my dad's youngest brother and his twin boys were in town for a visit. they stayed with my parents and my mom showed my uncle my blog. he went through some of my posts and the next day when i saw him he asked me a question that has randomly really stuck with me. he asked why i blog .. am i looking for some kind of recognition .. am i hoping for it to be a career opportunity .. do i hope that my blog will eventually generate income .. am i trying to reach a certain number of readers .. why do i blog?? he was being really complimentary about the blog and was genuinely interested in my reasons behind it.

the simple answer is that i blog because i like to. a couple of years ago i was sitting at work sifting through the blogs that i read and just kinda thought to myself why don't i do this? so i asked RT if he would take my picture and i wrote a little diddy about my outfit and the rest is cyber history. i love clothes. i love shoes. i love hair and makeup. i love getting dressed in the morning and {most days} i do it with a purpose. my outfit choices are strategic. and i thought a little fashion blog would be a fun outlet .. and you know what .. it absolutely has been!!

as far as recognition .. i am not sure what that would even mean for me. i put my pictures and my thoughts out there on the internet so it's not like i'm shy but i am also not one to constantly seek attention.
i love my job so much. i started working at the hoop part-time when i was still in college and have just never left. i was promoted to manager in january and honestly i just can't picture myself not working here. i joke with my boss that if she ever wants me out of here she will have to drag me kicking and screaming {ha!}. it is the best job for me. i get to work in fashion but in a very laid back and comfortable environment. in short .. i am in no way looking for a career change.
i guess i could sell sponsorships and do other things like that to generate some income through the blog. i would never snub my nose at some extra cash flow but i don't want to feel obligated to this thing. as it is .. i have some regular readers {thank you for your support .. it honestly means so much to me:)} and i blog when i am feeling inspired about whatever i want.
this little blog of mine is a hobby. a way for me to showcase my creativity and love for fashion .. with some friends, family and food thrown in too because those are also things that I love :). i am not seeking fame and fortune .. i'm just blogging.

i am happy with my life. i live in the same city where i was born and raised. my family all lives very close. i have a great little house that i share with the most wonderful man and two incredibly cute puppies. i have a group of great friends and i absolutely love my job. i am not against change AT ALL but i'm not looking for it either.

happy wednesday!

tank: jcrew
jacket: nana hand-me-down
jeans: citizens of humanity
wedges: gianni bini

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