Thursday, September 13, 2012

a little zig a little zag

hey there all of you wonderful readers :)

i actually wore this outfit on tuesday but i am just getting around to posting. i love this dress! i got it at the hoop to wear to a wedding in OK and this is the first time i have worn it since. i think i had it in my head as a cocktail dress considering the occasion it was purchased for but i made it work perfect for daytime/work by pairing it with a casual long knit vest and my most favorite jeffrey campbell booties.

it is so easy to get in a rut with clothes. for me .. i feel like all of my clothes are work clothes because ninety nine percent of the time, when i am getting dressed, it is to go to work. honestly i almost never even change clothes if i am doing something social after work {gasp!}. i love my clothes and i feel like i have lots of cute outfits but when it comes to getting dressed to go out .. i often feel like i have nothing to wear. i know i know .. yeah right! but seriously!

so ironically i had the oposite issue with this particular dress. hopefully i can continue getting creative and using my "daytime" pieces in different ways to transition into evening.

who knows .. maybe that will be a blog topic soon {ha!}

happy thursday!

dress: parker
sweater vest: bloom
boots: jeffrey campbell

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