Friday, May 4, 2012

Coffee Fail

Shirt: Joie Jeans: Genetic Denim Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Most mornings, RT takes the pictures for my blog {thanks hunny!} right before I get in the car to head to work. Yesterday morning was no different .. I got all my stuff and my little chi chi put in the car .. we took pictures .. I got in the car to drive to work AND spilled scalding hot coffee all over me. FAIL!!


I had to rush back inside. Change clothes. Text my boss that I would be late because I am clearly a clutz. RT put more coffee in a to go cup and I left. When I got to work, I spilled the coffee AGAIN. Not kidding people!! At least it was on the car and not me that time. I took it as a sign that I was not meant to have my last cup of coffee that day and I left what remained in the mug in the car.

Happy Weekend!

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