Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Top: Nana's
Jeans: J Brand
Wedges: Steve Madden
Hello hello all. Long time no talk. And really I have no excuse except that I am reading a book trilogy and i can hardly take time to eat because all I want to do every second of every day is read.

That is not my point today though .. my grandparents on my moms side are moving this week and so my mom and her sisters have been working hard the last couple of weeks trying to go through everything and clean out and what not. They are awesome. It is so awesome that my whole family is here and we are all close and part of each other's lives.

Yet again I digress .. so they have been going through everything and last weekend I told my nana that when she goes through her clothes I want to look at anything she doesn't want to take before she donates it in case there were any treasures. My grandmother has always been super put together.

That day we went through her formal wear and I took several things. She couldn't believe that I wanted to wear these pieces for daytime and to work. But I told her that with more casual combinations, her jackets and tops would be so fun for work attire.

So .. today I am wearing a sequined drop waist top {that she wore over a long chiffon slip dress to a black tie event} with white jeans and leopard wedges and it is so cute!

More nana treasures to come ..

Happy Wednesday!

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