Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thunk Thunk Thunk

Dress: Graham and Spencer
Vest: True Grit
Shoes: Oh wait I am not wearing shoes yet (note to self)

It is not even noon yet and today has already put my poor noggin on overload. Sometimes there are just way too many things swimming around up there and I have a hard time compartmentalizing and then dutifully processing. Hmmm. Oh well.

On a positive note, I am armed with the most hilarious story about my oldest niece that I absolutely plan to tell anyone I encounter AND I am listening to a great song that I think you should download and be obsessed with right along with me(if you haven't already of course), As the Rush Comes by Motorcycle, AND I plan to head into the second half of this day with my head up and a smile plastered. Work place here I come!

More good news ... tomorrow is Friday! I don't care who you are, everyone loves Fridays :)

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