Friday, August 26, 2011

Online Wishing and Another Note

So I have this hobby that RT and I like to call "online wishing." I have roughly a kagillion online stores that I check pretty much daily to see what new things they are selling that I might like to have and that inspire me. I pull the pictures into a folder on my desktop in which I have an individual file for each of the stores. It is crazy and ridiculous and yet I totally love it. I also have a "people" folder where I pull inspirational photos from other bloggers (you guys are awesome!) that I also check pretty much daily. Here are just a very few pictures that I have pulled today. Adding them all would take way too long :)
Mod Cloth
Motel Rocks 
Pixie Market

Shop Bop

Nasty Gal
... except that I am not totally sure I could pull of silver lame leggings so in that case I also love ...
Nasty Gal

Sole Struck

Urban Outfitters

Now, on to a completely different and totally unrelated topic. I recently read a book by Ree Drummond (i.e. Pioneer Woman) called From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. It is the author's true life love story between her and her "Marlboro Man" and I loved it! I read it in two days and am now mildly, and embarrassingly, obsessed with her. She is hillarious! She has a blog that includes anything and everything which you can follow here. And she has a show premiering on the Food Network tomorrow morning called The Pioneer Woman. If you are into that sort of thing, like me, then you should check it out. 

Happy Weekend!!

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