Monday, June 27, 2011

Leopard Wedges

Leopard wedges and leopard nails! WooHoo!

Top: McGinn
Tank: Mossimo
Pants: Joes's Jeans
Wdges: Steve Madden
Ok so I told you guys about these wedges a couple of weeks ago. I am completely obssessed with them! I have worn them like five times already and I have only had them a little over two weeks. Overkill?? I think not! 
I wore all black so that the shoes would be the main focus but really I love an all black outfit. I think it is simple and sleek but still makes a pretty bold statement. These pants are amazing. They are super stretchy and so they fit like a glove all the way down and don't get baggy at my knees ... which totally gets on my nerves with my skinny jeans. 

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