Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gusting Heat

106 degree heat and 25 mile an hour winds and this is what you get (ha!). Ryan described it really well. He said it was like be constantly blasted by a giant hair dryer. Awesome. So, I guess this is what Zoey and I would look like if we were standing in front of said hair dryer.
This giant shell necklace was a random find many years ago and I like it a lot but honestly I find it hard to wear. It is just so "beachy" and I suppose I am not. It worked with this outfit though so I ran with it.
I like this very neutral day outfit because it is comfortable and casual and even though the top has long sleeves, it is a very open weave so the breeze goes straight through it. Perfect for hangin out outside with the dogs.

1 comment:

  1. I'm digging the shoes with the breezy/shell theme! The gusty winds added to the outfit, haha. You look like you're in a music video! Too cool.