Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fashion Loving iPhone Users: Must Have App!!

There is a fashion app for the iPhone called the "My Style Fashion Assistant." It allows you to upload all clothing, shoes and accessories in your wardrobe into the app. You can also upload photos from online of items you may be wishing for. You can then use the three panel slider to mix and match any of your items right then and there to find the perfect outfit for your day and you can add up to six accessories once you have chosen your ensemble. . The app allows you to include items from online shopping to see how they work with the items you already have. There is a calendar including so that you know what you wore when ... no more wearing the same outfits over and over. This app has been featured in US Weekly and InStyle and has received rave reviews from all kinds of users. It does cost $1.99 but it is way more than worth two bucks so go on and download. You will love it just as much as I do for sure.
Check out more details on the MSFA website:

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  1. what a fun app! I never know what to wear, so this would definitely help out ;)