Saturday, May 14, 2011

Celebrity Style Icon

I don't generally talk about having a style icon because I feel like I don't have one particular style. One day I might be in the mood to wear dark skinny jeans and a button up shirt with black pumps and the next day I will feel like wearing the American Apparel tutu skirt that I have been coveting with my combat boots and a tank top. Who knows? I care nothing about fitting into a certain category. For me, fashion and clothes are about representing myself and my creativity along with my mood right that second.
That is why I think Gwen Stefani is an incredible style icon. She obviously follows current fashion and trends but she is always true to herself. She doesn't try to look like everyone else. She is fashion forward  but I like to think she dresses for herself and no one else.
Now, that doesn't mean that I love every single thing that she has ever worn and/or designed. All I am saying is that she is iconic in that her style is just that ... hers. I hope to always be as true to myself as she has been to herself through the years.
Spring 2011 RTW

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