Tuesday, February 2, 2016

big things

big things are happening around here
big things are exciting
big things are scary
big things give me anxiety .. both the good anticipatory kind and the bad freak out kind

when i gaze out into my future .. i can see the changes
i can visualize how it will look in my everyday life
but there are lots and lots of unknowns
and the unknowns are what can snake up out of the ground and imprison you with fear 

but when i am afraid, i will put my trust in you .. psalm 56:3

recently my pastor said something that stuck with me
he said .. if you have fear then you don’t truly trust in God
i would have said that i do trust God
but i realize now .. shamefully .. that my trust falters .. ALL THE TIME
instead of trusting in my Lord i fear the what ifs

as the future unfolds i will work hard to recognize my fears for what they are and turn from them into the light of my Father 
when i am afraid .. i will trust in Him

happy tuesday!!

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