Tuesday, February 16, 2016

broken together

this past sunday was valentine's day and we started our marriage series at church
this is a series we do every year in february and it is always one of my favorites
one of the couples in our church shared their story of loss and heart break and then they sang a song called broken together

i sat and listened with tears running down my cheeks
it is not unusual for me to cry during worship
i enjoy the messages so much but often the songs are what pierce right to my heart

i couldn't relate to this couple's exact situation
but i can relate to being broken together in a relationship

"the only way we will last forever is broken together"

i realize RT and i are still just starting out in our marriage
but we have lived a lot of life in our few short years
and sadly we have experienced a lot of sadness

luckily we have been broken together
while i am sure that we had our times that we felt at odds with each other
when i think through our family building journey up to this point .. we have been together
a team
supporting each other and lifting each other up

there have been times when i personally felt that there was no way i could be lower
no way i could feel more sad
more heart broken
more discouraged
you name it

but .. i was constantly getting closer to my husband
infertility and failed adoptions can make you feel so alone and isolated
even though others have experienced something similar .. they haven't lived your story
but RT and i were living our story together
he knew exactly where i was emotionally because he was in the trenches with me

so on this tuesday after valentine's day i celebrate my husband
he is my ultimate partner in life
he is my true love
he is the only person with whom i would ever want to be broken together

happy tuesday!!

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