Tuesday, December 22, 2015

getting crafty for Christmas

a few weeks ago .. hot glue gun at the ready .. i decided to get a little crafty

as mentioned many times before .. i love to decorate and this year i was hankering for a new wreath for our door and a way to display the Christmas cards we receive from family and friends

i searched online but couldn't find anything i loved and on top of that .. things were pretty pricey
so .. i decided to make what i wanted

i sent RT .. the most amazing husband in the world .. to hobby lobby to retrieve supplies while i stayed home with the littlest

a couple of hours and many phone calls later he returned home with bags full of exactly what i needed

both turned out even better than i hoped!!

here is the wreath ..

and here is the card display that hangs in our dining room ..
happy Christmas week everyone!!

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