Tuesday, February 9, 2016

bees .. the magic word

the littlest is starting to learn lots of words
she talks all the time about everything
and because we are around her all day everyday we really understand a lot of it

as her language is erupting we are trying to teach her to say certain things
expression of feelings and manners being our main objectives
the word please has been high on our priority list

she was whining when she was wanting something so we have been encouraging her to say please instead of whining
thats a good thing right??
of course it is!!
except now she feels like please is the magic word to get her whatever she wants whenever she wants it

last week it was just the littlest and i for dinner so i made us a yummy bean cheese and egg sandwich to share
normally this is a dinner she would love which is the whole reason i made it 
but on this particular night she was absolutely not having it
she kept throwing her bites on the floor and swatting them out of my hand
so i put her down out of her high chair at which point she went straight to the pantry doors and starting banging on them say bees! bees!

she wanted cheerios for dinner .. not what i made
but i didn’t want her to have snack food for dinner so i said no
naturally she didnt like my answer so she started throwing a fit
she was crying and slumping her shoulders and banging on the pantry doors
bees! bees! bees! 

i let her have her fit .. finished our my dinner and then got up and left the table
she is too little to really understand you have to eat what i make if you want to have dinner so i was not willing to just let her go hungry until her bed time bottle but i also didn’t want her she get rewarded for throwing a fit
once she calmed down and moved on i made her a pb&j and she ate it and the rest of the night continued without issue

i gained an awesome video that i have shared with anyone who will watch because even though she was upset she is adorable and so funny!!
and i think technically we both won .. she didn’t eat the cheerios for dinner but she also didnt have to have the original sandwich that i made
and as a little side note .. i do make things other than sandwiches

happy tuesday!!

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