Monday, March 2, 2015

little boss

these pictures are from a few weeks ago but honestly they are just so cute there was no way not to include them on the blog

this little boss has her very first tooth!!
it was snowing and crazy weather here in tx on friday and the littlest and i were planning to go spend the weekend at my parents' house while RT was working
to keep us from driving in the snow by ourselves my mom and dad came and picked us up at our house and we rode home with them
i obviously never sit in the back seat with the littlest and between me sitting on one side with layla in my lap and zoey sitting on the other she couldn't stop smiling

and that's when i noticed it .. a tooth!!
a tiny little nubbin of a tooth poking through on the bottom
i immediately stuck my finger in there and sure enough the cutest sharpest little tooth you have ever seen has made a debut

we have also officially transitioned her out of the swaddle blanket
she has been able to roll both ways from about a month now but she was sleeping on this wedge so she couldn't roll over even when she was swaddled
or so i thought ..

i woke up to her making noise in the middle of the night one night which never happens and my bleery sleeping eyes couldn't seem to figure out what i was seeing on the monitor
when i went into her room i realized that she had rolled over onto her tummy in her swaddle on her wedge and was grunting up a storm because she had no use of her arms and legs to move herself or turn back over
not safe people .. not safe!!

we knew that we couldn't let her sleep in the swaddle anymore
the first few days were just absolutely terrible
the littlest loves being swaddled and so when we would put her down for naps or bedtime she would scream and cry
i would go in there and pick her up and snuggle her and cry with her until she calmed down and then try to put her back down again
it was a super sad few days because she is such a happy baby and it breaks my heart for her to be so upset
but being safe is most important so i knew we just had to muscle through the transition
she is totally adjusted now and is back to sleeping like the little boss that she is :)

wednesday we are headed to colorado for baby girl's first trip to crested butte so i won't be back to the blog for a week or so

happy monday!!

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