Thursday, March 26, 2015


so way back when we moved back into our house it took us forever to get our internet hooked back up
like a really long time
six months or so maybe
i'm not entirely sure
but anyway we did finally get internet hooked up but it is terrible!!
we talked to the people about what our needs are as far as internet is concerned and they told us what package to get and all that but it is really just completely awful
hence the fact that i haven't blogged in two weeks
terrible!! i know :(

that being said i want everyone to know that i haven't quit at this whole blogging thing {ha!}
i am just working through some technical difficulties

moving on ..
we have been home from crested butte for a couple of weeks now but the trip was amazing and so i wanted to share a few pictures we took of the littlest while we were there 
happy thursday!!

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