Tuesday, March 31, 2015

holy moly

dress: rory beca
jacket: glamorous
shoes: united nude
holy moly an actual outfit post!!
it is ridiculous how long it has been since i have posted some fashion on this fashion blog {ha!}

i love that it is warm enough to wear short sleeves and open toed shoes!!
if i was going to choose a favorite season it would be winter all the way but the truth is i always get excited when the seasons change
i really try to enjoy the slightly warm sunshiney {that is a word .. trust me} days of early fall and spring though because i think those are the days we have the least of in TX

this dress has been a favorite for many years now
it is one that i keep expecting to get tired of but really bright colors tie dyed together will probably never get old :)
today i paired it with this new long jacket and my most favorite blue and camel heels
it was perfect for the Easter parties at work and i even matched one of the pre.k kids!!

happy tuesday!!

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