Monday, February 9, 2015

haha .. visions

at the littlest's most recent appointment with the pediatrician .. we talked about starting foods

she said that it is safe to start any time but to watch for cues from the littlest
ummm what?? 
at first i didn't really know how to recognize cues from my infant about starting something she doesn't even know exists but recently i have noticed that she has been completely enamored with our food and drinks
i can no longer eat or drink anything while i am nursing her because she is too obsessed with what i am doing to eat

so we decided to try food
i had some anxiety about this new stage so i read a lot about it .. most people said to start with something green so that she wouldn't get used to only eating sweet food

i got out our baby food maker and mixed up a lovely soup of breast milk and peas .. mmmmm mmmm 

i had this whole vision of how this experience would go ..
we would strip her down and put her in her high chair for the very first time
a green bid because she was eating green peas {duh!!}
and she would try .. and of course love .. this wonderfully delicious baby food that i made for her

well ..
so much for visions ..

the full version of this video actually ends with all of the peas coming back out and onto her bib but i thought it best so spare you that visual :)

also .. sorry for the sound of my voice .. that is not how i sound to me .. super  sorry that's what yall hear when i talk

happy monday!!

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