Monday, February 23, 2015


i was sick with the sinus infection from hell for about a week straight but in the mean time several fun things happened

first .. nancitti turned five months old!! 

she weighs fifteen pounds six ounces and is twenty six inches long

she loves..
..rolling around on the floor
..standing up on whoever is holding her
..making the happiest squeals and screams at the top of her lungs 
..playing with toys
..sucking on her toes
..watching layla and zoey 
..smiling the biggest most beautiful smile in the world 

she does not love..
..getting "stuck" on her tummy .. but she isn't actually ever stuck because she knows how to roll both ways .. she just sometimes acts like she can't
..anyone she doesn't see all the time
..i can't think of anything else because she really is the happiest baby girl

she is learning.. giggle .. she knows how but she is insanely selective about it!! her giggles are like diamonds that must be mined for ha! eat solids reach for the things she wants

so far five months is a fun age!!
she is more and more interactive every day and her little personality is bright and bold and i just love her so!!

happy monday!!

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