Monday, January 19, 2015

to you .. who are waiting

waiting for a little one

allow me to say two words that will surely make you cringe ..
i understand

now let me explain ..

i understand that i don't understand
i understand that no matter what your story is .. it is yours alone and nobody else's is quite like it
i understand that you are in pain
that you are angry
that you are sad
that you have so many emotions coursing through you that you feel like you might explode

i understand that your situation seems hopeless
i understand that nothing anyone says makes you feel better
i understand that you are in darkness and can't find the light
right now .. it's not a tunnel with an end .. it's an inescapable pit

i understand that to you .. i am no longer like you .. i am one of the lucky ones who has a baby
so i won't try to tell you that i get what your going through
like you .. my story is mine alone
but i will tell you that i hate what you are enduring
nobody deserves it
unfortunately that doesn't matter
way to many of us walk the painful waiting path

so even though this will sound cliche .. try to find comfort in the fact that someday you will find the light in your little one

until then ..
know that you are not as alone as you feel
even if i don't know you or your story
you are heavy on my heart and in my prayers

happy monday!!

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