Tuesday, January 27, 2015

mommy wars

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let me start by saying that this post is not directed at anyone
it is not a result of any bad personal experience
i have been really lucky .. i have lots of great moms around me and i have been able to amicably bounce ideas and get advice from them all without feeling like they are judging me

but something i have learned since becoming a mom .. every single mom has a different style and some will go to war with you to prove her way is the right way

breast feeding vs formula feeding

and if you choose to breast feed .. how long?? 
six weeks
six months
a year
two years

cloth diapers vs disposable

tummy sleepers vs back sleepers

working moms vs stay at home

co.sleepers vs crib only

vaccinations vs not

swaddle blanket vs no blankets at all

store bought baby food vs homemade

day care vs at home care

there are infinite more but let me tell you what i know for sure .. we all love our kids more than anything
we all want the best for them
and we are all doing the best we can and what we feel is right

i don't love my child more because i chose to/have been able to breast feed her and you didn't/were not able to make that same choice

you don't love your child more because you are choosing not to vaccinate but i am

lets make a deal .. i won't try to convince you to do it my way if you don't try to convince me to do it your way

let's be supportive of each other instead of at war

because in the end all these kids are going to grow up to be just fine

happy tuesday!!

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