Wednesday, January 14, 2015

four months big

the littlest turned four months old yesterday

we opened up this new toy for her to play with .. she is still a little bit short for it but she thought it was great fun :)

we went to the doctor 
she now weighs fourteen pounds  and is twenty four inches long
she's in the thirtieth percentile for height and the forty first for weight
she had to get two shots and an oral vaccine and she absolutely hated it
but she is in general healthy and happy and that is what matters

she loves..
.. playing with toys
.. bath time
.. singing with mommy
.. watching sports with daddy
.. standing up

she has started ..
.. rolling from her back to her front .. she has been rolling from her front to her back for a while now but just started rolling from her back to her front yesterday
.. sitting up in toys that have seats
.. standing on our laps and bouncing 
.. looking in mirrors

she does not love ..
.. the car .. we still battle that pretty much every time we get in the car
.. being tired 
.. going to people she doesn't know .. the stranger danger is in full force and she considers pretty much anyone she doesn't see on a super regular basis a stranger .. it is actually pretty sad

every day with her is more fun than the day before :)

happy wednesday!!

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