Thursday, January 1, 2015

another year down

another year has come to a close and as i sat down to write this post i began reflecting on the events of the last year
it is hard to believe so much happened in just one year's time

there was lots of good and lots of bad
lots of happy and lots of sad

i suppose that is just how life goes

we started twenty fourteen newly matched with B and feeling hopeful for the first time since all of the hooplah that happened with M
sadly .. after having her baby she decided to parent
i still think about that baby girl every single day

after living with my parents for a year we moved back into our newly renovated house and we couldn't be happier with the outcome

we lost both of RT's grandfathers last year
the grief is immense 
their memories live on in our hearts

we found out i was pregnant .. against all medical odds .. with our tiny baby girl and spent much of the year going to doctors appointments and preparing to be parents 

i made the seemingly impossible decision to leave my job that i loved at the hoop to go back to work for my mom
that choice was the right one but is still bittersweet

of course the most important and exciting thing that happened in twenty fourteen was the birth of the littlest .. we could not be more in love with her and i am in a constant state of thanks that she is ours .. that i get to be this perfect baby girl's mommy

i am very interested to see what twenty fifteen will bring
if i have learned anything it is that life is unpredictable 
but .. unpredictable can be very very good :)

happy new year to you all!!

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