Friday, November 7, 2014

do you want to know the truth??

the truth is this is what i look like right now
it is twelve o three pm and i am still in my pajamas with my robe on
my hood is up because i am a little chilly
i washed my face in a hurry last night so there is quite possibly still some day old makeup
i have baby spit on my sleeve
and i haven't moved in over an hour

but the littlest is dressed cute with a dry diaper and a full tummy so i feel like i am winning

i have said this before .. i am extremely routine oriented
eight weeks ago i was up ..  dressed with heels on .. a full face of makeup .. and a hot breakfast made by eight o clock every morning
even on the weekends because i am just a morning person and RT and i would likely have a day planned of things to do

but now things are different
now my routine is to wake up and take care of the littlest
to feed her and bathe her and change her and play with her and snuggle her

sometimes that means we don't leave the house all day
sometimes that means i don't get dressed until after noon
sometimes that means i don't put makeup on at all
and most of the time that means i have baby spit on me

not always ..
yesterday we were both up dressed and out of the house by nine thirty in the morning
i had on a cute outfit with makeup and heels
she had on a cute outfit and a bow {it is important to accessorize after all}
and we spent the first half of the day out and about

things are just different now
this fashion blogger is a real life mom
and that isn't always pretty and glamorous
but it is always sweet and special and filled with priceless moments and the unmatched smell of my baby that i love so much
this new routine is my favorite one yet

so from me my pjs and bathrobe and tiny little girl to you ..
happy weekend!!

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