Tuesday, November 4, 2014

a perfect fall day

today has been the most perfect fall day

first of all it has literally been raining all day long
we are devastatingly dry here in TX so an all day rain is ah!may!zing!

the rain combined with the cool temps is weather's gift to me

this morning the baby and i cuddled in bed watching the news until RT got home
we stayed in our pjs for way longer than normal
RT snuggled with the littlest while i cooked breakfast consisting of eggs bacon and homemade cinnamon rolls

i went to my first work out class since the baby was born .. it was way hard but it felt so good to be back!!

we had shepherd's pie for lunch
and i watched grease with the littlest because afternoon movies are the best and it is important to introduce her to the classics early {ha!}

now she is napping with her daddy on the couch in a dark cool room surrounded by rainy windows

it really is what fall day dreams are made of ..

happy tuesday!!

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