Friday, August 22, 2014

right here right now

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another school year is about to start .. or for some has already started .. and i am just struck with how quick time flies

and honestly the older i get the faster it goes

and now i am struck by how much i sound like a grandmother right now

but seriously .. think back to when you were in elementary school and how on the first day of school you thought forward to Christmas break and how looonnnnggg you would have to wait for it .. and when Christmas finally did come it really felt like it had been forever

now Christmas comes around about as often and i take a breath

this pregnancy has whizzed by in a blur of tiny kicks and rolls and hiccups and now it is almost over
i know her life will be the same way
and that already makes me want to hold fast to the right now
to cherish every second of her before she is born
to hold her
and snuggle her
and kiss her
and smell her
and ..
and ..
and ..
every chance i get after she is here

to be in the here and now .. which i often struggle with .. i don't want to dwell on the past or long for the future .. i just want to be right where i am .. no matter if that is happy or sad or easy or hard

happy friday!!

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