Wednesday, August 27, 2014

upside down

dress: sam+lavi
belt: urban outfitters
shoes: jeffrey campbell
she has flipped!!
i am so very thankful!!

at this point we are just anxiously awaiting babyP's arrival
i am going to pack a hospital bag this afternoon so that when the time comes all we have to do is jump in the car and go
i want her to stay in for as long as possible but i am so dang excited to meet her i can hardly even control myself

i am for sure feeling subtle differences in my body everyday
yesterday afternoon .. RT was at work and i got home from work pretty early so i was just watching some tv with the dogs and i fell asleep and didn't wake up for several hours
y'all! i am not a napper .. not that i don't like to nap but i generally can't nap and yet yesterday i had no trouble at all {ha!}
it is funny how you feel like you aren't doing much at all but in reality housing another human being is a pretty big deal
my body clearly gets more tired than normal

twenty three days until her due date .. we will see when she decides to make her debut :)

happy wednesday!!

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