Wednesday, April 2, 2014

he will be her daddy

as i sit here, on the afternoon before i leave to go spend time with B and .. very soon .. meet our daughter .. i am struck with thoughts of our past. this picture represents the beginning of us as a family and in just a few days we will have a baby girl. i can't believe how far we have come since our wedding day. and the more i think about that .. the more i think about RT and what a lucky wife i am. and what a lucky little girl our daughter will be to have him as her daddy

as we have worked our way through the adoption process .. my husband has been just as involved as i am. he calls our case worker and checks on B several times a week. he is always asking if i have talked to her and if so .. what is going on. it is so special to share this journey with someone who is just as dedicated and emotionally invested in the process as i am. he wants to be a dad more than anything and it is incredibly special to experience this with him. i know his dedication will continue even after we get home. his work schedule allows him to be home quite a bit so he will get a lot of opportunities to spend quality time with baby girl being a very hands on dad

i am just so thankful for the partner that i have!!

i remember sitting on our wedding day thinking about the man i was about to dedicate my life to and what i thought our future would hold. neither has turned out like i thought .. both are better than i could have ever imagined!! we have gone through hard times but we are closer and stronger because of it

now i sit wondering about our baby girl and what the future will be like and all i know for sure is that she will be our daughter and we will finally be mom and dad .. best! feeling! ever!

i won't be back to the blog until we get home in a few weeks but be prepared for baby photo bomb big time :)

happy wednesday!!

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  1. SOOO excited for you! Praying for you as your family grows in the next few days!!!