Monday, January 31, 2011

Pink and Black

Top: Vintage     Skirt:BCBG Maxazria     Shoes: L.A.M.B     Jewelry: Random Mix
Hot pink and black is one of my favorite color combinations. I joke that I can't have pink in my house anymore so I dyed my hair pink and wear it all the time. Hence my adoration of this top. It is light weight and loose fitting which makes it comfortable and easy to wear while still adding some fun style. I love mixing my random vintage finds with modern pieces like this tight paneled skirt. I just bought these L.A.M.B heels and I absolutely love them. The velcro tabs give them a funky kind of sporty appeal even though the overall shoe is really girly.
It is hillarious to me that I am running around outside by the lake at the end of January and it is sunny and sixty five degrees ... WONDERFUL!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Meet Layla and Zoey

Jacket: Nelli     Top: Madison Marcus     Jeans: Genetic     Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Layla and Zoey are my crazy animals. Layla is the chihuahua and she was an incredibly lucky find in this weird flee market/antique building off the side of the road in a tiny pass through town in TX. She has been my spoiled rotten baby for the past five years. Zoey is a Golden Retriever/Sheltie mix. We adopted her a couple of months ago and she is kind of a freak. She is super sweet and smart but still ... a freak.
I just got these new jeans by Genetic and it is a breath of fresh air to see something other than skinny jeans. Don't get me wrong I love skinny jeans but this slim bell is a nice little change. The jacket was an awesome find in the little Colorado town of Crested Butte and it is my most favorite jacket. My shoes were my wedding shoes and in all seriousness you can never go wrong with hot pink glitter!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Work and Play

Dress: Vintage     Shoes: Vince Camuto     Necklace: Anthropologie
 I L-O-V-E this dress! The colors are really pretty and the shape of the dress is incredibly flattering. It is cut in super close to the waist and then has a few pleats running from the center of the waistline down the skirt. I truly think it would make anyone look hourglass and slim. Even though it is vintage, some of the detailing is very fashion forward. The slight batwing of the sleeve and the abstract print full of vivid colors ... so modern! Outfits that are appropriate for work and play rank really high on my list of must haves.
These clogs are so cute and the color goes with everything. It is truly the most neutral color and so I wear them all the time.
It is highly possible that I have owned this belt for 10 years or more. I usually get tired of my things way quicker than that but this belt just keeps finding its way into my outfits. 
Santa Clause left this necklace for me this Christmas and I have worn it a ton. The combination of colors is really soft and pretty and I am crazy into critters right now so naturally the little gold frog keeps me reaching for this accessory.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Top: Jay Godfrey     Pants: Genetic     Shoes: Gianni Bini
Monochromatic, especially in black, can look so sleek. Because of the season and the constant overcast that is plaguing me right now, I find myself in dark colors a lot and so black on black just kind of happens.
This entire outfit is made up of pieces that are staples in my wardrobe.
I went to market with my boss for the first time a couple of years ago and that was the first time I saw (and wished for) these pants. Genetic has put them in their holiday collection ever since and I FINALLY got them!! WooHoo! I think they are so cute. No clue why, but the lace detail makes them so much more fun to wear.
I bought this backless Jay Godfrey top to wear for New Years Eve this year. I liked the jewel detailing across the neckline in the back and I thought the backless feature was sexy in a subtle sort of way. Perfect for the occasion.
These shoes have a similar story to the top. I bought them to wear to a friend's wedding and now I wear them all the time. They just seem to go with everything. Not to mention the brown and cream snake skin is way cool.
This might be my very favorite necklace. For my mom's 50th birthday, my family went on a Mediterranean cruise and I found this necklace in a little boutique in Mikonos. The owner's daughter makes jewelry and this necklace just had to come home with me. It is so different from anything else I have. Truly a one of a kind.
I tend to gravitate toward pieces that have qualities that make them a little bit different than what you might normally expect. The idea of putting together outfits that aren't predictable makes me happy.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Playing by the River

Top: Joie     Sweater: Joie     Jeans: J Brand     Boots: Steve Madden
Multi-Chain Necklace: Beje     Pendant Necklace: Vintage
I really like the idea of mixing prints and patterns. To me, this doesn't really count because it is hard to think of the stripe on this sweater as a pattern but putting a print under it makes the combination more interesting.
Combat style boots are super comfortable and practical no matter what the weather is doing. Today is was overcast and chilly so these boots seemed the perfect choice. They have a fun plaid on the inside so I like to roll them over too.
I know I know, wearing stark white pants in the winter time is against one of those old fashioned fashion "rules" but honestly who cares what "they" say?? These jeans work so well with the rest of the outfit and they function just the same as any other pant. I love it!
I got the pendant necklace from my grandmother. My mom and sister went to her house to help her clean out some closets and they found a bunch of super old costume jewelry. My sister and I divvied it all up and there were tons of awesome treasures. It is a little bland on its own but put under this multi-strand necklace it looks great.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Shorts in Winter

Top: Joie     Shorts: Free People     Shoes: Steve Madden     Tights: Capezio
Winter is definitely my favorite season but living in TX I have a lot more summer clothes because, let's be honest, it doesn't really get that cold here. So, I find myself wanting to wear my warm weather clothes. Solution ... tights! I love these ruffle bottom shorts by Free People and they add a cute little detail to what could have easily been a blouse and skinny jeans. Throw on some stirrup tights (slight obsession with stirrup anything right now!) and heels with some staple gold jewelry and I am ready for the day.