Monday, January 24, 2011

Playing by the River

Top: Joie     Sweater: Joie     Jeans: J Brand     Boots: Steve Madden
Multi-Chain Necklace: Beje     Pendant Necklace: Vintage
I really like the idea of mixing prints and patterns. To me, this doesn't really count because it is hard to think of the stripe on this sweater as a pattern but putting a print under it makes the combination more interesting.
Combat style boots are super comfortable and practical no matter what the weather is doing. Today is was overcast and chilly so these boots seemed the perfect choice. They have a fun plaid on the inside so I like to roll them over too.
I know I know, wearing stark white pants in the winter time is against one of those old fashioned fashion "rules" but honestly who cares what "they" say?? These jeans work so well with the rest of the outfit and they function just the same as any other pant. I love it!
I got the pendant necklace from my grandmother. My mom and sister went to her house to help her clean out some closets and they found a bunch of super old costume jewelry. My sister and I divvied it all up and there were tons of awesome treasures. It is a little bland on its own but put under this multi-strand necklace it looks great.

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