Wednesday, August 12, 2015

june clever

i don't necessarily consider myself super traditional but the other day as i was in the kitchen making dinner i realized that we follow pretty traditional gender roles at my house

i don't know why but that struck me as kind of funny
it is not that one or the other of us wouldn't do the other's "jobs" so to speak .. but as the years of our marriage have passed .. we have simply fallen into those traditional roles

i am a fifties house wife
just call me june clever
ok not really

but i do all of the cooking at home .. except the outdoor grilling .. RT does that
but again with the traditional roles .. grilling is a man's job right??

the thing is that i really and truly love to cook

RT and i both work but he feels a major responsibility to leave the house in order to make money to support our family financially
that is what makes him feel like he is doing what needs to be done to take care of us
and he does a dang good job of it

going to work doesn't make me feel that way
preparing well balanced healthy and yummy meals for my family makes me feel like i am providing well for us
i love spending time in the kitchen preparing a meal that not only tastes delicious but also fuels our bodies with what they need to function at their best

RT is insanely meticulous about the yard work
he has very specific ways that he mows and he works constantly on the flower beds and keeping the outside appearance of the house in tip top shape
i am extremely appreciative of that but i have absolutely no desire to do yard work
not that i wouldn't just that i really really don't want to

i keep the inside picked up
we are super fortunate to have a housekeeper {whom i love dearly!!}
but between her visits i work to make sure that everything isn't disheveled and messy
if we are having people over .. i make sure everything is clean and in order
neither of us are the type of people who just leave stuff out or lying around so the tidying is a pretty easy job

RT is our resident handy man
if the fixing involves tools .. he is usually the one to do it

i do the grocery shopping
this goes along with the cooking i suppose but still i am generally the one to do it

the dishes are something we join forces to do
i try to do as much as i can during the process of making dinner and then after we eat RT does what is left while i pack up and store any left overs

we also both take care of the littlest
parenting is a fifty fifty partnership at our house

anyway .. this is all random and useless information to anyone who doesn't live in my house but like i said .. it struck me as kinda funny so i thought i would share

happy wednesday!!

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