Friday, April 17, 2015


the littlest is now seven months old
everyone tells me all the time that they grow up so fast and i have always believed them but good gracious it is a little bit shocking
especially as young as she is .. she is growing like a weed and learning about a million new things a day

she weighs sixteen pounds and now has five teeth .. the two in the front on the bottom and three on the top. she got the teeth on either side on her front two on top and looked like a cutie little vampire for a week or so but now one of her front ones has cut through too :)

the littlest is rolling and "crawling" all over the house. currently she doesn't crawl for real .. she gets up on all fours and rocks and then kinds throws herself forward onto her belly. then she will shimmy forward on her belly a little before she pops back up on her hands and knees. it is pretty hilarious but i am sure she will be crawling for real very shortly

she loves to play with toys of all kinds and to bounce in her exersaucer
she loves the dogs

she sits up on her own now and is working on getting herself into a sitting position once she gets to the toy she wants

she is eating all kinds of food and so far seems to be a pretty good eater

the littlest is the brightest light in our lives and watching her grow and learn is such a joy

happy weekend!!

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