Tuesday, April 21, 2015

just me and my girl

i have just run in the door from another day of work
things are extra busy because it is the end of the year
i don't know why that equals crazy land but it definitely does 
fun land but crazy land none the less

anyway i get home and i scoop up the littlest 
she gets so excited to see me and that is a fabulous feeling
i sit and talk with her for a few minutes befor i change her diaper and take her into her room
i zip her into her sleep sack
turn on her ocean waves
sit down in the rocking chair 
and take a deep satisfied breath

as i look down at my precious perfect daughter i can't help but thank God for her over and over
i do this every time i nurse her

it strikes me what a true joy nursing my baby is for me
i know that nursing isn't for everyone and i have absolutely no judgement at all if you couldn't or you made a different choice
but for me .. it is one of my most favorite things in the world

the littlest is a busy girl so this is the only time when she is calm and snugly
it's a time that is just for me and her
we sit and look at each other and i pray over her and it is when i feel the closest with her
it is very special to me

happy monday

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