Wednesday, April 22, 2015


maybe you are tired of reading about the i word and ivf and adoption

maybe you think i am living in the past

maybe you think i am unappreciative of the littlest

maybe you think i no longer have the right to write about the i word at all because we have the littlest


but i don't care
and i don't mean that as rude as it sounds

my truth is thatthe i word and ivf and adoption are our past and they are also our present and our future

my truth is that the littlest is an extreme joy and light in my life
she brought be happiness and healing in a time when i needed it most
i bask in blessing that she is in my life constantly and i praise God for her every minute of every day

so i am going to keep posting about the I word and ivf and adoption
and also the littlest and RT and the dogs and fashion and food and whatever else 

maybe you won't like that

maybe you will

i hope you do ;)

happy wednesday!!

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