Thursday, August 28, 2014

finishing touches

hat: michael stars
dress: free people
shoes: circus by sam edelman
it is crib painting day
RT and my brother in law are at my house as we speak painting the cribs that my my sister and brother in law gave to us

i am sure that sounds crazy as close as we are to having this little girl 
but hey better late than never right {ha!}
and we do have a bassinet for her to sleep in if she came today for some reason so it's not as crazy as it sounds

once that crib dries .. we will put it together .. put the sheets on .. and then every single thing will be fully ready

twenty two days until due date!!

happy thursday!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

upside down

dress: sam+lavi
belt: urban outfitters
shoes: jeffrey campbell
she has flipped!!
i am so very thankful!!

at this point we are just anxiously awaiting babyP's arrival
i am going to pack a hospital bag this afternoon so that when the time comes all we have to do is jump in the car and go
i want her to stay in for as long as possible but i am so dang excited to meet her i can hardly even control myself

i am for sure feeling subtle differences in my body everyday
yesterday afternoon .. RT was at work and i got home from work pretty early so i was just watching some tv with the dogs and i fell asleep and didn't wake up for several hours
y'all! i am not a napper .. not that i don't like to nap but i generally can't nap and yet yesterday i had no trouble at all {ha!}
it is funny how you feel like you aren't doing much at all but in reality housing another human being is a pretty big deal
my body clearly gets more tired than normal

twenty three days until her due date .. we will see when she decides to make her debut :)

happy wednesday!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

little loves

happy national dog day everyone!!

my two girls are as rotten as ever and i just adore them!!

i have actually been thinking about the dogs a lot lately
i am sure that sounds silly but their lives are going to change dramatically when babyP gets here

these dogs are both so routine oriented and they are very demanding of our time and attention .. both of which we give them with absolutely no qualms
when we got zoey .. we were worried that layla would absolutely hate her .. homegirl is quite the diva and she was very happy being the only dog in the house .. but she loved her new sister from the very beginning
i know they will be that way with babyP too but until then i am trying to love on them a little extra

they are our first babies after all {ha!}

happy tuesday!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

right here right now

top:madison marcus
pants: citizens of humanity maternity
shoes: free people
another school year is about to start .. or for some has already started .. and i am just struck with how quick time flies

and honestly the older i get the faster it goes

and now i am struck by how much i sound like a grandmother right now

but seriously .. think back to when you were in elementary school and how on the first day of school you thought forward to Christmas break and how looonnnnggg you would have to wait for it .. and when Christmas finally did come it really felt like it had been forever

now Christmas comes around about as often and i take a breath

this pregnancy has whizzed by in a blur of tiny kicks and rolls and hiccups and now it is almost over
i know her life will be the same way
and that already makes me want to hold fast to the right now
to cherish every second of her before she is born
to hold her
and snuggle her
and kiss her
and smell her
and ..
and ..
and ..
every chance i get after she is here

to be in the here and now .. which i often struggle with .. i don't want to dwell on the past or long for the future .. i just want to be right where i am .. no matter if that is happy or sad or easy or hard

happy friday!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

the final countdown

holy moly!!

babyP is due in exactly thirty days from today
i kind of can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone
we will get to snuggle her close before i even have time to blink

according to my apps she is a little over eighteen inches long and weighs five and a half pounds
she is pretty much fully developed and will spend the last few weeks packing on some much needed baby chub
as far as i know .. she is still breech .. i don't know that for sure but we go to the doctor on monday so we will know then
at this point .. if she hasn't turned .. she probably won't without some doctor coercion .. so we are hoping and praying she has mastered her gymnastics skills and has done a big ole flip

as for me ..
sleep is becoming more and more of a luxury
i am getting up at least once a night to use the restroom and some nights i have a really hard time going back to sleep
but that makes me even more grateful for the sleep i do get and also that several episodes in a row of i love lucy come on the hallmark channel in the wee hours of the morning
this has really just started in the last two weeks and considering i know pregnant women who start waking up in the night to go to the bathroom starting in their first trimester .. i am so not complaining!!
i still have pretty good energy and feel mostly great!!

she has been so good to me so far and i am over the moon in love with her already!!

let the final countdown begin!!

happy wednesday!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

spicy cheesy

i am working hard on trying to earn the worst blogger award these days
i am so sorry i have not been posting as regularly as i normally do .. hopefully i will be better at that for these next few weeks before babyP gets here
after that i can't promise any kind of super regularity because i don't know what life will be like with our little love
don't worry .. i will still be blogging just maybe not several times a week :)

anyway .. last week i made this homemade jalapeno cheese bread and it was super delish so i wanted to share the recipe with all of you ..

start by proofing one and a half tablespoons of dry active yeast with one teaspoon of sugar in one cup of warm water

after about ten minutes it will get all foamy like this
to your mixer add four cups of all purpose flour .. two large jalapenos seeded and chopped .. one and three fourths teaspoons of salt .. one tablespoon of sugar .. one room temperature egg .. and three fourths of a cup of warm milk

add the now foamy yeast mixture and turn on the mixture to start kneading the dough .. as it kneads together add flour as needed until you get a dough that is soft and smooth but still a little sticky
meanwhile .. cube up {or shred if you prefer} two and a half cups of cheddar cheese
towards the end of the kneading process add in the cheese so that it gets well incorporated .. your total knead time will be about tenish minutes so i added my cheese when i had roughly two minutes left
put the dough out on a cutting board .. or your counter .. or wherever you want for about ten minutes to rest
then put it in a well greased bowl .. cover and let it rise at room temperature for at least an hour and a half
until it gets all poofy like this
punch it down and split it between two loaf pans {or you can be more rustic and form it to whatever two shapes you want on a sheet pan} 
cover and let rise at room temperature for at least another hour
brush the tops with an egg wash and sprinkle with sea salt
or parmesan
or sesame seeds
or nothing
and bake at three hundred seventy five degrees for twenty five to thirty five minutes depending on your oven

it will look like this
and it will taste really yummy !!

happy tuesday!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

inching horizontally toward the finish line

top: ii sisters
jeans: liz lange maternity
shoes: michael kors
this past saturday was my baby shower and i had so much fun!!

so many of our family and friends came to celebrate with me and i am continually thankful for each and every person

sunday i spent all day cleaning and sterilizing the fun goodies that babyP got and yesterday i worked hard to get everything organized

now all that is left is RT still needs to paint her crib so we can set that up, we need to move the bassinet that is currently in her room into our room and we will be completely ready for her arrival

i had an appointment with my doctor yesterday afternoon and baby girl was all curled up so at this point we don't know for sure but the doc thinks she is probably still breech
she has two more weeks before she will probably be too big to flip on her own so keeping that on your prayer list would be greatly appreciated!!

happy tuesday!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

tee time

a few nights ago RT and i had dinner at the house early and then we took the dogs and went to the course where he likes to play golf and walked a few holes as a family

right now i am using any excuse that i can to get outside and be active in any way at all
the more and more pregnant i get the less and less motivated i am to work out so any kind of movement that doesn't make me cringe is a good thing {ha!}

it was really fun to be out there with the dogs and they absolutely loved it :)

 happiest girl in the world
 they watch intently {ha!}
all three of my girls in one picture : )

happy thursday!!