Monday, March 24, 2014

i spy

i spy a tiny chichi hiding behind my legs :)

top: parker
pants: j brand
shoes: circus by sam edelman
sunnies: free people
i hate to ramble about the weather but at this point it just can't be helped. i mean all this business of 50° one day and 80° the next is about to make me lose my mind. make up your mind tx! warm or cold .. either way lets just stick with one so i can get properly dressed in the morning ok?!?

don't be fooled by the white jeans open toed shoes and the sunshine surrounding me in the above photos .. it was pretty dang cold when i left for work this morning. not nyc cold {michael strahan informed me that it was 22° there this morning} but it is the end of march in tx .. 30s when i wake up in the morning is a little bit crazy

in other news .. 10 days until i leave to go see B and 14 days until her due date!! i finally got all of baby girl's stuff unpacked washed and put away this weekend .. it has all been still sitting in boxes since the move but being as close to meeting her as we are i figured it was time to get her room ready. i can't believe how close we are!! hopefully these next two weeks won't drag too slow :)

happy monday!!

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