Wednesday, March 26, 2014

book worm

shirt: tom petty concert t from high school
jacket: rebecca taylor
jeans: citizens of humanity .. their rocket fit is AMAZING
shoes: dolce vita
want to know something about me??
i am a book worm

i have always loved to read but it really is kind of an obsession for me. i really like music too but i can't stand the radio so when i am in the car i listen to audio books

and i don't read books that are meaningful or scholastic at all. i like to listen to murder mysteries that have a little comedy thrown in to lighten the mood and i like to read romance novels that most often are based around people ages twenty to thirty. they have no real purpose but they are entertaining and when i get into a book all i want to do is read until it is over. and then i usually get kinda sad

i am sure you think that is a lie because it sounds so ridiculous but it's the honest truth. i spend days at a time doing nothing but reading and so i get really into the story and characters and when the story is over i mourn just a tiny bit. nothing major just a little twinge of wishing for more

phew it feels better to get that off my chest!!
off to read .. my girl just got kidnapped and i NEED to know what happens

happy wednesday!!

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