Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trendy Tuesday: Sporty

I have been completely neglecting my blog for the last week or so but honestly I am feeling more than uninspired lately. Well, actually that isn't true. I am inspired but it is all for cold weather ... and it is going to be somewhere around 95 degrees here in the lone star state today so sweaters aren't going to work. Unless I want to have a heat stroke. Which I don't. I am tired of all of my summer clothes. I look in my closet right now and I am bored of seeing all this stuff. So ... here is some trendy tuesdayness (not a word I realize) to further motivate me and hopefully you for fall/winter that I am hoping makes an appearance someday soon. 
Calvin Klein 
Donna Karan

Emilio Pucci


Giorgio Armani


Max Mara

*photos from www.elle.com*

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