Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fashionista at Five

I have an older sister, Audrey. But she isn't just my sister, she is also my best friend and the mother of half of my most favorite little rug rats in the world.

Her oldest child, Janey, was the first of all the kids. Audrey and I are really very different and the funny things is that Janey is just like me. From the second she was born my sister has joked that she is raising me. This is a little girl who has never met a tutu she didn't love. Seriously, she wears one every single day. She has been insisting on choosing her own outfits for a few years now. Fashion is just who she is. I love it!

For her 5th birthday my mom, sister and I took her to see the Beauty and the Beast play and she wore this Belle costume. It was perfect don't you think. When I got to their house so that we could go she said "Look what mommy and daddy got me! Don't I look beautiful?!" And of course she did!

This is just your normal outfit for preschool right?? Perfect for art time and playing outside if I do say so myself.

We took the kids to see a movie this day and she wore her hand painted Very Hungry Caterpillar shirt with her red tutu and sparkly tennies 

I mean the girl even wears a tutu to sleep in. It is adorable! I want a tutu to wear with my pajamas. It's a sure fire way to feel glamourous even in your sleep. 

I love watching her grow up and learning more and more about who she is. She is such a fun sweet little girl and I am head over heels for her and her fashionista ways :)

A few weeks ago she was at my parents' house and she went into the toy closet to change into some dress up clothes. She came out wearing a velvet geenie top and silk belly dancer pants. She struck a pose and announced "This looks good." Sound familiar to any of you fashion lovers out there?? Maybe you don't voice it like she does but honestly that is what fashion blogging is all about isn't it? We think what we are wearing looks good and we share it online to inspire and be inspired by each other. 

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