Tuesday, June 30, 2015

adventures of a wannabe earth mama..oil cleansing

this photo is cute but completely irrelevant to this post {ha!}

about a year ago .. i started learning about all of the stuff that is in our food
the more i read the more determined i became to eat and feed my family only what i believe is real food
food the way God made it .. not the way most of the food manufacturers make it

but the thing is .. it doesn't stop there
once you start reading all about what is in our food .. that quickly and seamlessly leads you to what is in everything else you use 

so .. one night .. i looked on the back of my much loved facial cleanser and gasped at the number of ingredients .. most of which i couldn't pronounce 
that simply would not do so .. after throwing my face wash away .. i began to research natural face cleanser and stumbled upon oil cleansing

lots of people swear by this 
instead of using soap .. simply slather a mixture of oils {i used castor and coconut} on your face .. lay a warm damp cloth over your face for thirty seconds or so to allow some steam then wipe off
the posts i read did say to expect some break outs at first but not to be alarmed .. that it is simply your face getting rid of all of the built up mumbo jumbo in your pores and that the break outs would subside {after up to four weeks!!} leaving you with the healthiest most awesome skin of your life


i feel like i have pretty normal skin .. little breakouts here and there but i have been lucky to have never struggled with acne or constant breakouts

until oil cleansing came into my life that is

i had the yuckiest breakouts all over my face for a good solid six weeks until i threw in that stupid warm damp cloth and gave up on oil cleansing FOREVER

i believe it works for some people
it absolutely did not work for me

so then i did some amazon searching for a facial cleanser that is more natural than what i was using before 
it smelled nice but did not help
so now i am back to old faithful and working through the aftermath of my battle with oil cleansing

so far .. this is the only time i have found that natural might not be best
better for me i am 100% positive but i am not willing to have fifteen year old first going through puberty pimples over it
call me vain .. i just can't handle it

happy tuesday!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

for every month

in honor of RT and the precious daddy that he is to the littlest .. a picture for every month that he has been her daddy ..

i hope you all had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed celebrating all of the father's in your life :)

happy monday!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

kick kick kick your feet

we have had so much rain here in tx {praise God} that it hasn't really been great lake weather yet
even on the days when it hasn't been raining, the water is still pretty cold and the lake is murky and has lots of debris
so this past weekend was the first time i have actually gotten the littlest down to kick her little feet in the water

i didn't do it exactly right
she had already been down playing on the dock for several hours and was tired and ready to take a nap and i realized she hadn't even touched the water yet
so i took her down and let her kick her feet for a couple of minutes
she really liked it at first but quickly remembered her grumbling tummy and tired eyes so it didn't last very long
but I know she will love the lake just as much as all of her cousins some day very very soon

happy thursday!!

Friday, June 5, 2015

busy busy

top: soft joie
shorts: mcginn
shoes: jeffrey campbell

true confession .. i don't wear shoes like this much anymore
you see .. my daughter is not one to sit back and take things in
she is a mover
always has been

i mean when she was a newborn she would snuggle and what not but as soon as she realized she could move she has never stopped

she crawls EVERYWHERE at lightning speed now a day
i mean seriously if i look away from her for half of a second she is off in another room most likely getting into something dangerous or disgusting

we have to keep doors closed now because if i get up to go make coffee or something she will crawl into the bathroom and pull up on the toilet to chew on the seat
sorry if that made you gag
this whole parenting thing isn't always extra glamorous {ha!} but it is always pretty dang fun

i spend my days running around after her and laughing at all that she can get into

she even moves in her sleep
between her bed time and mine i have to move the camera of her monitor continuously because one second she will be all balled up with her little legs tucked up under her in the corner of the bed and the next she will be down at the other end sprawled out on her tummy
and she never wakes up
she just rolls around all over the place 

she is a fun one the littlest 
and she has just woken up from a nap so i am off to swoop her out of her crib for some more play time :)

happy weekend!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

my life as a human jungle gym

the littlest has learned that using mommy as her own personal human jungle gym is pretty much the best game EVER

and i will be honest .. i lay down on the floor and totally let her smoosh my face and pull my hair and crawl back and forth all over me because she likes to and i like for her to be happy and to have fun

maybe i am a push over .. who knows .. we will see {ha!}

eight months has proven to be a really fun age
i have loved every age so far
but now she is super mobile crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything
she makes tons of noise and is learning and trying out new sounds almost everyday
she is crazy curious about everything that goes on around her
she reaches for remotes and phones and anything else that looks enticing
and has an uncanny ability to desperately want to play with all things dangerous and disgusting like cords and dog toys

i love how interactive and reactive she is becoming
she's my little preshy presh!!

happy tuesday!!